Tyler/ August 1, 2016/ Brewday, Brewing Hardware/ 0 comments

My first brew day since the Core exam was spent making a beer with my buddy Cody. We took a shot at a clone of one of his favorite beers, St. Arnold’s Santos. They call this a Dark K├Âlsch and admit that this is very much a contradiction. Breaking brewing rules sounds like good fun to me. I couldn’t find

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Dark Strong

Tyler/ April 20, 2016/ Brewday, Brewing Hardware/ 0 comments

A couple of friends and I have been planning a brew day, and we’ve been looking forward to it for months. It was tough to wait this long between brew sessions, but it was well worth it. In building the recipe, we decided to be ambitious and attempt a clone of pFriem’s Dark Strong Ale. As far as I’m concerned,

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Dial it in

Tyler/ January 16, 2016/ Brewday/ 2 comments

I attempted a clone of the Houblon Chouffe IPA Tripel last week. Here’s the recipe: Mash 26 lb 2 Row pale 2 lb Munich 1 lb Crystal 80 1 lb Belgian Biscuit 2 lb Sucrose Mash at 145 F for 20 minutes and 155 Friday for 40 minutes 11 gallon boil volume, 10 gallon final volume Hops 1 oz Columbus,

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Better with Family

Tyler/ December 28, 2015/ Brewday/ 1 comments

Here we go! Today is Belgian-style Stout day, and I got to do it in the company of family. Alex and Connie were kind enough to help out. The RIMS was up and running in no time. Strike water heated from 60 degF to 156 degF in about 40 minutes. Today’s Recipe 60 min mash @ 156 degF 18 lb

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Crash Landing

Tyler/ September 28, 2015/ Brewday/ 1 comments

I’ve been neglectful. Only a few of my friends are into brewing, and fewer still are into coding and electronics, but this is all that’s been discussed in this blog. Most of the people who know me are more appreciative of the ludicrous messes I get myself into. I apologize for the oversight. This one’s for you. September 16 was going

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Brewery 2.0, Brew #1

Tyler/ August 31, 2015/ Brewday/ 0 comments

Today is my first day brewing with the latest iteration of my brewery. That includes a Chugger pump, my countercurrent heat exchanger for wort chilling, and my conical fermenter with upgraded cabinet controller software. Thank goodness the friends I invited had other plans. The day started stressful when I snapped a polypropylene female camlock fitting while tightening an adjacent threaded

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Brew Day: What a Cluster

Tyler/ June 28, 2015/ Brewday/ 0 comments

My cabinet isn’t all together, but this is my last opportunity to brew for four or five weeks because of call. I’m really itching to go all grain, but I’m sure I’ll make many more extract batches before I’ve got a configuration that can reliably function. Until then, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. I’m out of home brew, so

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