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Tyler/ January 16, 2016/ Brewday/ 2 comments

I attempted a clone of the Houblon Chouffe IPA Tripel last week.


Here’s the recipe:

26 lb 2 Row pale
2 lb Munich
1 lb Crystal 80
1 lb Belgian Biscuit
2 lb Sucrose

Mash at 145 F for 20 minutes and 155 Friday for 40 minutes

11 gallon boil volume, 10 gallon final volume

1 oz Columbus, 60 min
3 oz Saaz, 10 min
1 oz Columbus, 10 min


OG 1.064
FG 1.008
ABV 7.4%

As you might guess from the gravity after the boil, my efficiency was a terrible 50%. This was my second attempt at fly sparging, and it has also failed miserably. I’m ready to switch exclusively to batch sparging. This beer will not be much of a clone, but I hope it will be a respectable IPA anyway. Just look at how full this hop sack is!


At least, a few leaks aside, the RIMS and exchanger are working great.

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  1. I’ll still drink it, even you you sparge the flange to the point that it bilges.

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