What’s There to Lose

Tyler/ March 30, 2022/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

A few years ago, Trang gave me a Samsung Gear S3 watch. It’s been great, but I’m not a watch person, so I really only use it for exercise. Lately, the battery has been failing. I couldn’t run for more than about 20 minutes before my watch died, losing my stats. I am put off by the wastefulness of electronic

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Zombie Brew

Tyler/ October 7, 2021/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Brewing Since I’m resurrecting the brewery for a Halloween one off, I thought the title appropriate. I haven’t brewed anything for years. With two kids, another project taking priority, and my brewery in shambles, it hasn’t been in the cards. However, one of Trang’s previous coworkers Rich Hunt asked whether I’d be willing to make a hard cider if he

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Halloween 2021

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3D Printing We decided to start work on the Halloween costumes early this year because we have an ambitious goal. We’ll need the extra time if we’re going to get there! We plan to do a Halloween video, so that’ll be up when the work is done. But, I’m doing a few little side projects to make things more efficient,

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Spring Cleaning

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It’s early in the COVID-19 curve in Oregon, so I spent this whole vacation week at home. While most of what free time I have is spent on other projects these days, I did dismantle my brewing cabinet a few months ago, and this week I continued breaking down much of my brewery in the hope of building version 2

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3D Printing Hearts with Valves

Tyler/ September 24, 2019/ 3D Printing, Engineering, Medicine/ 0 comments

Improving Valve Representation in Cardiac Stereolithography by Spatially Registering Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Echocardiography Tyler Robert Moore MDa, Erin Janelle Madriago MDb, and Michael Silberbach MDb Introduction Additive manufacturing, a means of fabricating objects layer by layer though extrusion or sintering, has the potential to impact biomedical research, patient imaging, and medical therapies. One example is personalized anatomic modelling, the

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Tesla Tinkering

Tyler/ June 18, 2019/ Electronics/ 1 comments

The Tesla Model 3 has more cool features than you can throw an eclectic CEO at. From Autopilot to Emissions Testing, there is always another creative innovation guaranteed to amaze. One such fun feature is the ability to record video from the vehicle’s cameras. There are two situations where this can be done. At any time during vehicle operation, you

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Personal Goal: Accomplished

Tyler/ May 24, 2019/ Programming/ 0 comments

Today, one of my personal goals was realized. I made a small contribution to a large open-source project. The project is the Arduino core for the ESP8266. The ESP8266 is my workhorse microcontroller, but the Arduino core provides a framework to quickly develop software. It contains numerous features that are based on the Arduino platform but adapted for the ESP8266.

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Continuous Measurement of Fluid Density, Part 2: Parts and Plumbing

Tyler/ May 21, 2019/ Brewing Hardware, Electronics, Engineering/ 0 comments

Before the hiatus, I made an attempt at creating a Continuous Fluid Density Sensor. Here are the primary components: Two dip tubes in the fermenter MPXV7002DP differential pressure sensor ADS1115 16-bit analog to digital converter Generic, chrome plated brass, 2.5 mm hose barb to M3 adapters and 2.5 mm pneumatic hose Generic 12V aquarium diaphragm pump (model no longer listed

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Tyler/ August 1, 2016/ Brewday, Brewing Hardware/ 0 comments

My first brew day since the Core exam was spent making a beer with my buddy Cody. We took a shot at a clone of one of his favorite beers, St. Arnold’s Santos. They call this a Dark K√∂lsch and admit that this is very much a contradiction. Breaking brewing rules sounds like good fun to me. I couldn’t find

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